About Us

HAVR-Leading technology international construction profile supplier.

Tianjin HAVR Cold Formed Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is specialized in the research and development of precision steel profiles, mold design and steel profile manufacturing. It is also the only enterprise in China that can produce heat- insulating and energy-saving precision steel profiles.

The doors, windows, partitions and curtain wall systems of heat-insulating and energy-saving fireproof glass which are independently innovated by itself has filled the domestic gap. It is currently the only company in China that has obtained patents for fireproof doors and windows/curtain walls/partition systems for heat-dissipating steel frames. It is involved in the deliberation of the “Technical Regulations for Glass Fire Separation Application” of the Sichuan Fire Protection Institute of the Ministry of Public Security and the preparation of relevant standards.

Since the company was founded in 2017, the company's management and R&D team has been continuously working hard and researching, at present, it has the global leading automatic precision steel profile equipment (Samsung Germany) and heat- insulating synthetic production line, with an annual production capacity of over 5 million meters.